The Cutting Machine All-Win Steel Company have

 All-Win Iron & Steel All-Win Iron & Steel

 What cutting service we can offer?

* We can cut different shapes according to customers’ drawing or design

*  We can also help the customers’ to make design or drawing for cutting.

*  We can also make beveled cutting also.    

*  other cutting job and assistance

All-Win Iron & Steel All-Win Iron & Steel  All-Win Iron & Steel All-Win Iron & Steel

Technical Parameter of Cutting Machine
1H Beam, I Beam, Channel,Angle100mm-600mm
2Cutting TypeFlame/Plasma Cutting
3Plasma Cutting Thickness1-45mm
4Flame Cutting Thickness6-32mm
5Effective Cutting Length12000mm
6Effective Cutting Length Tolerance±1.5mm
7Cutting Speed10-2000mm/min
8Maximum weight of workpiece to be cut3500kg
9Bevel Cutting±45°
10Cutting Form of the WorkpieceFixed length straight cut, fixed length oblique cut, end socket function
11Cutting Tolerance StandardISO9013-2002/IS08206-1991/JB/T10045.4-1999JB