What is rolling service offered by All-Win company?

Rolling is a method that bending the plates into a closed pipes or tubes. And All-Win company can offer below service:

* offer the plates and roll the plates according to the drawing

* help to account the quantity of plates and design the drawing for rolling

* others


What is the ability of All-Win company?

The biggest thickness is 150mm, the biggest width of plates is 12000mm, the smallest diameter of rolled tubes or pipes is 1200mm.

* Pre-bending with a three-axis plate rolling machine


* the pre-bent arc part shall be inspected with a template


* When rolling, the plate is aligned as shown below to prevent skewing



How to account the data of rolling?

* C means the circumference of rolled tubes/pipes; R means the diameter of rolled tubes/pipes; L means the length of the steel plates

C=πR, R=C/π=L/π


δn (mm)

Stagger b (mm)










≤1/16δn & ≤10


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