Why call it Atomospheric Corrosion Resistance Steels?

Why call it Atomospheric Corrosion Resistance Steels?

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Why call it Atomospheric Corrosion Resistance Steels?


Due to its unique visual effects, strong industrial atmosphere and historical sense, atomospheric corrosion resistance steels have been favored by domestic and foreign artists and landscape designers (especially for outdoor use). At present, the use of atomospheric corrosion resistance steels is increasing, mainly concentrated in the transformation of industrial plants and art blocks. What's the reason?

1. Rusting Principle of Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Steels

At the initial stage of corrosion, the rust layer formed on the surface is denser than that of carbon steel, and the cracks and holes are relatively small. After that there are partially delaminations both on carbon steels and atomospheric corrosion resistance steels , and the corrosion products are not different. The main difference is performance of the alloy elements in the rust layer. There are some Cu,Cr alloy elements in  weathering steel rust layer, and they gather at the crack to resist the intrusion of moisture and harmful ions in the atmosphere to prevent further corrosion of the base metal, thereby achieving the effect of resistance to atmospheric corrosion!

2, Rust Treatment of Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Steel

Rust treament is to make rust stabilized. It is using a chemical mentod to form a rust-stabilized film on the surface of the atmospheric corrosion resistance, which is a kind of rust which is suppressed from the initial use of the steel, and make rusty stabilized. Although its surface is very similar with the general coating surface, in fact, the general coating is to block the outside air and the outside of the steel to suppress rust, while the rust stability treatment method is to promote the stability of rust. So there are big differences in performance. If the general coating is deteriorated terribly, and it will peel off, and in order to keep the good surface, the general coating has to be repainted. However, the rust stabilization treatment is to dissolve the film slowly, and make the rust stabilized and gradually to the whole surface, and the rust film is covered the steel surface without maintenance.

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