all-win steels: Pressure Vessel Plates A516GR.70

all-win steels: Pressure Vessel Plates A516GR.70

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Introduction of Pressure Vessel Plates A516GR.70

SA516Gr.70 is a carbon steel plate for medium and low temperature pressure vessels. In order to meet the different requirements of users and facilitate the production management, according to different S and P content, there are three levels: I, II and III.


Heat treatment of Pressure Vessel Plates A516GR.70

1. The steels in grade SA516Gr7 and SA516Gr70N with thickness ≤1.5in(40mm)  are usually supplied in  hot rolled condition, while the pressure vessel steels can also be offered in normalized or stress relieved condition.

2. If the plates with thickness > 1.5 in. (40 mm), it should be supplied in normalized condition.

3. The steel plates with thickness ≤ 1.5 in (40 mm) shall be offered in  normalized condition if there is a notch toughness requirement.

4. If approved by the purchaser, a cooling rate greater than that in air is allowed to improve toughness, while the steel plates are then tempered in the range of 1100-1300 degrees F (595-705 °C).

Application of Pressure Vessel Plates A516GR.70

A516Gr.70 is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, and the SA516GR.70 is for the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler steam drums, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes for hydropower stations, water wheel volutes and other equipment and components.

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