WISCO has successfully developed 0.15 mm cold-rolled steel

WISCO has successfully developed 0.15 mm cold-rolled steel

06-22 26

WISCO has successfully developed 0.15 mm ultra-thin cold-rolled steel


Recently, WISCO WINSteel successfully developed an extremely thin material of 0.15 mm. The record of the one cold-rolled thinnest production material of continuous annealing roller in China was born in WISCO, and these products will be applied to the nickel-plated substrate of the battery connector.


The successful development of 0.15 mm ultra-thin material has brought big benefits for users to reduce costs. Previously, customers who needed such extremely thin materials still needed secondary rolling to meet the requirements after ordering the product, which required additional cost and time. The success of this trial production marks that WINSteel has the ability to supply the finished steels instead of the secondary rolling steels to the engine factory directly, which enhances the competitiveness of the product. At the same time, it has great significance for WINSteel to improve its product structure and meet user needs better.


The development of 0.15 mm ultra-thin material this time faces enormous difficulties and challenges. Before the thinnest record of the WINSteel continuous annealing roller was 0.165 mm, and the production of 0.15 mm primary cold rolled material of the same domestic production line was in the restricted area.


WISCO has been preparing for the development of this extremely thin material for a long time. From the test raw materials, performance requirements, production processes to quality design, planning and scheduling and other aspects, WISCO has been fully prepared, all departments have actively cooperate to ensure the successful manufacture of the trial thinnest steels.


June is WINSteel's new product development theme month. Besides the new specification “0.15mm ultra-thin material”, WINSteel has also successfully developed a new variety of “0.25mm grade IF steel”, which can be used as “expanding beer” Steel for cans and tableware (using Pu cold instead of stainless steel) and new technology "DC01-490" steel for automotive parts (using unconventional low-temperature annealing process) .