Steel Price Adjustment in Feb 2020

Steel Price Adjustment in Feb 2020

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Steel Price Adjustment in Feb 2020


It's known: After research and decision, Baosteel's domestic carbon steel price in January 2020 will be adjusted based on January. The details is below(except specified, no tax including):

I. Basic Price of Common Cold Rolled Steel: about RMB100/MT rise

II. Basic Price of Pickling Steel: about RMB50/MT rise

III. Non-oriented electrical steel

1. Basic Price of Medium and low grades: about RMB50/MT,

2. Basic Price of high-efficiency grades: about RMB100/MT,

3. Basic Price of high grades: about RMB200/MT.

4. Basic Price of high-grade brands such as B30AH230 and 30WH230: about RMB300-500/MT.

IV. Basic Price of Hot rolling steels: about RMB30/MT

V. Quantity adjustment based on price adjustments: Pickling steels will be 16 tons



1. The above price system for branches of Baosteel group: Baoshan, Qingshan, Dongshan, Meishan

2. Except the raise above, others unchanged such as Hot-dip galvanizing steels, electro-galvanized steels, oriented electrical steels, thick carbon steel plate and section steels etc.

3. The above price adjustment notice will be effective from the date of announcement.

4. The interpretation right of this price adjustment notice belongs to Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center (Baosteel International)