Shipbuilding and Offshore platform Steel plate

Shipbuilding and Offshore platform Steel plate

Our shipbuilding and Offshore platform Steel have been certified by classification societies such as CCS, ABS, GL, LR, DNV, BV, NK, KR, RINA and RMRS.

Shipbuilding and Offshore platform Steel plate is used for ships' hull structure and the structure of offshore platform. The shipbuilding steel plate grade A is the common tensile strength steel. It has good toughness properties and higher strength, strong corrosion-resistance, the processing properties and welding properties. can be used in the manufacture of the ship's hull structure whose weight is below 10000 tons, and usually do navigation around coastal and river area. And there are also some higher grades which are used for submarine or navy projects.  Hereby are some details about the grade of shipbuilding plates and offshore steel plates.

ABS Ship Classification (American Bureau of Shipping)
ABS Grade FQ70 ABS Grade EQ70ABS Grade DQ70ABS Grade AQ70ABS Grade FQ63
ABS Grade EQ63ABS Grade DQ63ABS Grade AQ63 ABS Grade FQ56ABS Grade EQ56
ABS Grade DQ56ABS Grade AQ56ABS Grade FQ51ABS Grade EQ51ABS Grade DQ51 
ABS Grade AQ51 ABS Grade FQ47ABS Grade EQ47ABS Grade DQ47ABS Grade AQ47
ABS Grade FH40ABS Grade EH40ABS Grade DH40ABS Grade AH40ABS Grade EH36 
ABS Grade FH36ABS Grade DH36 ABS Grade AH36ABS Grade FH32ABS Grade EH32 
ABS Grade DH32ABS Grade AH32 ABS Grade E ABS Grade DABS Grade B 
ABS Grade A

ASTM A131 General Shipbuilding Material
A131 Gr. FH40A131 Gr. EH40A131 Gr. DH40 A131 Gr. AH40A131 Gr. FH36 
A131 Gr. EH36 A131 Gr. DH36A131 Gr. AH36A131 Gr. FH32A131 Gr. EH32 
A131 Grade DH32 A131 Gr. AH32 A131 Gr. EA131 Gr. DA131 Gr. B
A131 Gr. A

CCS Ship Classification
CCS Grade FQ70 CCS Grade EQ70CCS Grade DQ70CCS Grade AQ70 CCS Grade FQ63
CCS Grade EQ63CCS Grade DQ63CCS Grade AQ63CCS Grade FQ56CCS Grade EQ56
CCS Grade DQ56CCS Grade AQ56CCS Grade FQ51CCS Grade EQ51CCS Grade DQ51
CCS Grade AQ51 CCS Grade FQ47CCS Grade EQ47CCS Grade DQ47CCS Grade AQ47
CCS Grade FH40CCS Grade EH40CCS Grade DH40CCS Grade AH40CCS Grade FH36
CCS Grade EH36CCS Grade DH36CCS Grade AH36CCS Grade FH32CCS Grade EH32 
CCS Grade DH32 CCS Grade AH32CCS Grade ECCS Grade DCCS Grade B 
CCS Grade A

LR Ship Classification (Lloyd’s Register of Shipping)
LR Grade FH69LR Grade EH69 LR Grade DH69LR Grade AH69LR Grade FH62
LR Grade EH62LR Grade DH62LR Grade AH62LR Grade FH55LR Grade EH55
LR Grade DH55LR Grade AH55LR Grade FH50LR Grade EH50LR Grade DH50 
LR Grade AH50LR Grade FH46 LR Grade EH46LR Grade DH46 LR Grade AH46
LR Grade FH42LR Grade EH42LR Grade DH42LR Grade AH42LR Grade FH40
LR Grade EH40LR Grade DH40 LR Grade AH40LR Grade FH36LR Grade EH36
LR Grade DH36LR Grade AH36 LR Grade EH32LR Grade FH32LR Grade AH32
LR Grade DH32LR Grade DLR Grade ELR Grade BLR Grade A

VL(DNV-GL) Ship Classification (Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer Lloyd)
VL Grade F690VL Grade E690VL Grade D690VL Grade A690VL Grade F620
VL Grade E620VL Grade D620VL Grade A620VL Grade F550VL Grade E550
VL Grade D550VL Grade A550VL Grade F500VL Grade E500VL Grade D500
VL Grade A500VL Grade F460VL Grade E460VL Grade D460VL Grade A460
VL Grade F420VL Grade E420VL Grade D420VL Grade A420VL Grade F40
VL Grade E40VL Grade D40VL Grade A40VL Grade F36VL Grade E36
VL Grade D36VL Grade A36VL Grade F32VL Grade E32VL Grade D32
VL Grade A32VL Grade EVL Grade DVL Grade BVL Grade A

BV Ship Classification (Bureau Veritas)
BV Grade F690BV Grade E690BV Grade D690BV Grade A690BV Grade F620
BV Grade E620BV Grade D620BV Grade A620BV Grade F550BV Grade E550
BV Grade D550BV Grade A550BV Grade F500BV Grade E500BV Grade D500
BV Grade A500BV Grade F460BV Grade E460BV Grade D460BV Grade A460
BV Grade F420BV Grade E420BV Grade D420BV Grade A420BV Grade F40
BV Grade E40BV Grade D40BV Grade A40BV Grade F36BV Grade E36
BV Grade D36BV Grade A36BV Grade F32BV Grade E32BV Grade D32
BV Grade A32BV Grade EBV Grade DBV Grade BBV Grade A

RINA Ship Classification (Registo Italiano Navade)
RINA Grade E690RINA Grade F690RINA Grade A690RINA Grade D690RINA Grade E620
RINA Grade F620RINA Grade A620RINA Grade D620RINA Grade E550RINA Grade F550
RINA Grade A550RINA Grade D550RINA Grade E500RINA Grade F500RINA Grade A500
RINA Grade D500RINA Grade E460RINA Grade F460RINA Grade A460RINA Grade D460
RINA Grade E420RINA Grade F420RINA Grade A420RINA Grade D420RINA Grade E40
RINA Grade F40RINA Grade A40RINA Grade D40RINA Grade E36RINA Grade F36
RINA Grade A36RINA Grade D36RINA Grade E32RINA Grade F32RINA Grade A32
RINA Grade D32RINA Grade DRINA Grade ERINA Grade ARINA Grade B

KR Ship Classification (Korean Register of Shipping)
KR Grade E70KR Grade F70KR Grade A70KR Grade D70KR Grade E63
KR Grade F63KR Grade A63KR Grade D63KR Grade E56KR Grade F56
KR Grade A56KR Grade D56KR Grade E51KR Grade F51KR Grade A51
KR Grade D51KR Grade E47KR Grade F47KR Grade A47KR Grade D47
KR Grade E40KR Grade F40KR Grade A40KR Grade D40KR Grade E36
KR Grade F36KR Grade A36KR Grade D36KR Grade E32KR Grade F32
KR Grade A32KR Grade D32KR Grade DKR Grade EKR Grade A
KR Grade B

NK Ship Classification (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
NK Grade E70NK Grade F70NK Grade A70NK Grade D70NK Grade E63
NK Grade F63NK Grade A63NK Grade D63NK Grade E56NK Grade F56
NK Grade A56NK Grade D56NK Grade E51NK Grade F51NK Grade A51
NK Grade D51NK Grade E47NK Grade F47NK Grade A47NK Grade D47
NK Grade E40NK Grade F40NK Grade A40NK Grade D40NK Grade E36
NK Grade F36NK Grade A36NK Grade D36NK Grade E32NK Grade F32
NK Grade A32NK Grade D32NK Grade DNK Grade ENK Grade A
NK Grade B

RS Ship Classification (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping)
RS Grade E70RS Grade F70RS Grade A70RS Grade D70RS Grade E63
RS Grade F63RS Grade A63RS Grade D63RS Grade E56RS Grade F56
RS Grade A56RS Grade D56RS Grade E51RS Grade F51RS Grade A51
RS Grade D51RS Grade E47RS Grade F47RS Grade A47RS Grade D47
RS Grade E40RS Grade F40RS Grade A40RS Grade D40RS Grade E36
RS Grade F36RS Grade A36RS Grade D36RS Grade E32RS Grade F32
RS Grade A32RS Grade D32RS Grade DRS Grade ERS Grade A
RS Grade B

EN10225 Grade S460G1+QTEN10225 Grade S460G2+QTEN10225 Grade S460G1+MEN10225 Grade S460G2+M EN10225 Grade S420G1+QT
EN10225 Grade S420G2+QTEN10225 Grade S420G1+MEN10225 Grade S420G2+MEN10225 Grade S355G9+MEN10225 Grade S355G10+M
EN10225 Grade S355G7+MEN10225 Grade S355G8+MEN10225 Grade S355G5+MEN10225 Grade S355G6+MEN10225 Grade S355G9+N 
EN10225 Grade S355G10+NEN10225 Grade S355G7+NEN10225 Grade S355G8+NEN10225 Grade S355G2+NEN10225 Grade S355G3+N

API Spec 2H
API Spec Grade 2HGr42API Spec Grade 2HGr50

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