Monel Series

Monel Series Monel 400(UNS N04400/DIN W. Nr. 2.4360, 2.4361)Monel 401(UNS N04401)Monel 404(UNS N04404/DIN W. Nr. 2.4867)Monel K-500(UNS N05500/DIN W. Nr. 2.4375)

Monel Series 

Monel 400

(UNS N04400/

DIN W. Nr. 2.4360, 2.4361)

Monel 401

(UNS N04401)

Monel 404

(UNS N04404/

DIN W. Nr. 2.4867)

Monel K-500

(UNS N05500/

DIN W. Nr. 2.4375)

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