Booking Service

1.Enquire the shipping line, vessel, schedule, freight with transport agent. booking space one week in advance.

2.Confirm with client about the sailing schedule, shipping company name and freight.

3.Booking a shipping space for client one week in advance.

4.Assistant client loading the goods and communicate with transport agent, when it is necessary.

5.Assistant client dealing with shipping company and Insurance company for goods damage or lost, when it happen.

Documents Service

1. Prepare draft commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, bill of loading and other necessary documents.

2. Send all draft documents to client by email for confirming, And revise the draft documents according to client’s requirement.

3. If it is ok, print them for signing and sealing, email client the copy document for paying the balance.

4. After receiving the balance, post client all original documents by Fedex or DHL.

Shipping Tracing Service

1. When the ship arrive at the loading port, arrange loading the goods into the container/bulk ship. Meanwhile, we also will supervise the handling worker to do reinforce task.

2. Make declaration to China Customs.

3. Trace the shipment status and send the tracing information in every week until the ship arrive at destination port.

4. When the ship arrive at destination port, inform client to unload the goods and clean the Customs.